Avoca Beach Theatre Newsletter 26th Jan

Thursday – Eric Clapton Lockdown Sessions ENCORE!

ERIC CLAPTON brought his band together to film an intimate performance interspersed with exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from ‘Slowhand,’ exploring influences such as Peter Green and Muddy Waters along with his own hits such as Layla, Tears in Heaven & intimate personal songs such as Believe In Life. 8pm Thurs 27th Jan – $20.

Avoca Beach Theatre Newsletter 21st Jan 2022

Hello my lovely friends,

Lovely to see so many of you pop in for a bargain at our Saturday MORNING MARKET – it’s on again this Saturday! We’ve a stack of super gorgeous new summer stock in that’s flying off the racks & loads of specials. Drop in for a browse, pick up a coffee & fresh brownie, or sip on a glass of something bubbly while you check out the new stock & find something just right for YOU! 9am til 1pm!

Revitalisation of the Avoca Beach Theatre to Commence in 2022

Revitalisation of the Avoca Beach Theatre to Commence in 2022

Theatre to create happy memories for another 70 years

We are so excited to be able to update you on what is happening with the revitalisation of the Avoca Beach Theatre. I know many of you have been waiting for this day and we’re happy to announce that the revitalisation will start this year.


We are so excited to be able to update you on what is happening with the revitalisation of the Avoca Beach Theatre. I know many of you have been waiting for this day and we’re happy to announce that the revitalisation will start this year.

Since Norman’s Dad and Uncle began the Theatre up on the hill in 1948, it has undergone many changes, each holding so many wonderful memories of good times together—whether it be the moving of the outdoor pan toilets into the foyer, or the creation of Talkies Café, or the laying of the hugely long shag carpet in the foyer. Each holds a swag of fun memories suspended in time.

The beloved Theatre has been changing and evolving ever since its inception, and we are statice to revitalise the Theatre and bring it into its new evolution in 2022.

We were invited to participate in the making of a film about the Theatre, its history, its role in the community, and where it is going from here. The result is a lovely 20-minute film that we have already shown, to much applause, at several screenings. If you would like to see it at home, you can access it from this website.

I know you are excited too about the revitalisation of the Theatre, as each and every day I have someone asking me, “When are you going to start?” The answer is – right now! On Monday February 28, we are having bores drilled around the block. And I have to say I am pumped about this! For over 15 years, we have wanted to install Geothermal Heating and Cooling Exchange – it is so clever – providing sustainable heating and cooling for the whole building with very little draw on the power supply. Essentially, the Geothermal system works by drilling a collection of 120 metre bore holes into the ground and utilising the constant temperatures in the Earth to cool or heat the building – a vastly efficient means of providing year-round comfort for you our patrons and very energy efficient. This groundwork lays the foundation of the building and of our own sustainability philosophy of using renewable resources from what is here.

We have partnered with Johnson Projects for the revitalisation of the Theatre. Johnson Projects Managing Director, Braden Johnson, is as excited as we are and is determined to give the community the very best.

Braden recently said: “I have been chatting with Beth and Norman for several years and it’s wonderful to be part of such an important and iconic revitalisation. I grew up and live not too far from here and have spent many memorable times at the Theatre with my family. I think that is what makes this place so special. It has created so many memories for so many generations, and this revitalisation will ensure it creates many more.”

You may have noticed that works based on our Approval and on Complying Development Certificates have begun. To give the very best result, we will be making some changes to the already approved plans, changes for an even better community and cultural spaces.

The basic plan of the revitalisation is, of course, to keep the much-loved existing Theatre as it is, and we’re keeping the garden area too. Beside the old Theatre we will add smaller Theatres that can be transformed into function rooms, live venues, and stages. We’re including a commercial kitchen, a café, piano room, and behind the Theatre fronting Vine Street, there will be five beautiful apartments.

We have had so much input from a lot of different people about the aesthetic appeal from outside and are looking forward to showing these drawings to you in coming weeks. Keep an eye out for an invitation to a morning tea where you can see all the latest plans.

We are so glad to be doing this journey with you, and we want to keep you up to date with everything. We will be doing this through the revitalisation page on the Avoca Beach Theatre website or visiting www.makinghappymemories.com.au , via Facebook, LinkedIn, our newsletter, and of course for the Theatre.

You are such encouragers and wonderful, supportive friends. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Norman and Beth Hunter


If you have any questions about the Avoca Beach Theatre revitalisation, please email revitalisation@avocatheatre.com.au or use the form below.

Avoca Beach Theatre Newsletter 12th Jan

Now Showing Golden Globe Award-Winning films!


Golden Globe Winner! – Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama (Will Smith)

Our patrons LOVED the advance screening of KING RICHARD, featuring a towering performance from Will Smith. This refreshingly nuanced storytelling takes us on the uplifting journey of a family whose unwavering resolve & unconditional belief in their children ultimately delivers two of the world’s greatest sports legends – Serena & Venus Williams! Will Smith embodies Richard Williams as the underdog with indefatigable spirit to perfection. See KING RICHARD this week right here at Avoca Beach!

📣 JUST ANNOUNCED! Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks LIVE!!