Avoca Beach Theatre Newsletter 23rd Mar

A few new films this week. Firstly, the stunningly beautiful RIVER captures the great power & beauty of rivers – and how vulnerable they are. RIVER delivers stunning landscapes enhanced by a stirring score from the Aus Chamber Orchestra, indigenous singer William Barton, Jonny Greenwood & Radiohead. It charts humanity’s evolving relationships with RIVERS ‘from mystery to mastery to almost an amnesia’, reflects narrator Willem Dafoe. A great film from the makers of MOUNTAIN, here this week only!

Geothermal Heating And Cooling Exchange Testing

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Exchange Testing

It was so exciting to have some revitalisation activity on site the other week. If you were walking past the Theatre, it was impossible to not see the extraordinary piece of machinery in the garden. We had Michael and the team from CWL Group drilling a hole 120 metres into the ground to test the earth and the possibility of installing Geothermal Heating and Cooling Exchange.

The testing process is still happening and then the data CWL Group collects is sent to a company in America to be analysed. Probabilities are high and it would mean we could provide sustainable heating and cooling for the whole building with very little draw on the power supply. And you already know how much we love being sustainable and using renewable resources from what is here.

Beth & Norman

Avoca Beach Theatre Newsletter 2nd March 2022

We are so excited that this week the ground-work began for the revitalisation of the Theatre with bores drilled for our GeoThermal system for our new building work. This system supports our philosophy of sustainability using renewable resources from what is here on our land, preserving our precious world resources. It was wonderful to be able to share this moment with so many patrons! Thank you for your encouragement, & your constant support! So lovely that we can do this journey with you, step by step.  You are such encouragers and wonderful, supportive friends.

📣 JUST ANNOUNCED! Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks LIVE!!