Dragon 50 (16)

DRAGON Live in Concert celebrating 50 years

Celebrate 50 Years of Great Aussie Rock with the legendary Dragon here in person on our stage! Sun 15th Oct at 7:30pm

The iconic songs that we’ll never forget – This Time, Get That Jive, Still In Love, April Sun in Cuba, and Are You Old Enough! It will be flashbacks to all sorts of happy memories through your life – not only celebrating 50 years of the band’s hit after Aussie hit, it’s a celebration of you and your relationship with the Dragon songs. Each song is a snapshot of what was happening to you the first time you heard it on the radio or on Countdown and, as such, is branded indelibly into your memory.

Songs from the 80s like Rain, Speak No Evil, and Dreams of Ordinary men and songs from the Phoenix Years like Don’t I look like Jim, Roses, Babylon, and many more. Witnessing Dragon in Concert in full flight triggers a powerfully emotional response – lose yourself in the moment with people who were, until moments ago, complete strangers, and are now fellow Dragon compatriots!

DRAGON – here in person at Avoca Beach Theatre – up close and personal!

📣 JUST ANNOUNCED! Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks LIVE!!