Director: Kaye Harrison, Sarah Beard, Toni Houston, Glenn Fraser, Amelia Foxton,

Cast: Stephen Hunter, Chris Young, Nada Pantle, Matt Bradley, Nicole Holyer, Uncle Gavi Duncan, Ruby Archer, Patrick Brennan & the students and staff of Woy Woy PS, Chiara Gizzi,

Genre: Festival | Rating: | Runtime: 300 Minutes

The Central Coast of NSW is having its inaugural film festival @coastal_surge_film_fest on Thursday 29th June 2023 from 5pm to 10pm.

Coastal Surge are proud to be premiering three wonderful new Australian films and with red carpet photos, live music, delicious food offerings, filmmaker Q&A’s, drinks at the bar and a mixer with cast and crew following each screening, it is sure to be an eventful night!

5:30pm session:
MUSIC CENTRAL (28 minutes)
A documentary by Kaye Harrison

6:45pm session:
BOUDDI WILD SWIM (55 minutes)
A documentary by Toni Houston and Sarah Beard

8:30pm session:
MOTHER TONGUE (40 minutes)
A comedic-horror film by Amelia Foxton and GLENN FRASER
(Viewer discretion is advised - Contains horror elements, violence and sexual content)

Kindly supported by Creative Art Central and Central Coast Council

Event photography by Central Coast Digital Media


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