Director: Matthew Walker,


Genre: Documentary | Rating: MA15+

Runtime: 88 Minutes

If you ever experienced WANITA – you will want to see her again! If you haven’t, you are in for a surprising night! And tonight you get the FILM and the IN PERSON CONCERT!

Kicking off with an extraordinary new film about Wanita, called I’M WANITA – the story of this chaotic, flamboyant force of nature & her lifelong odyssey to realise her childhood dream of recording her songs in Nashville is shown, with no holds barred.

She’s ‘Australia's Queen Of Honky Tonk,’ devoted to the sound & personalities of classic country music, committed to walk in the footsteps of her honkytonk heroes.

She believes she was born in the wrong era, continuing to stride toward her dream. She is very well known in our hometown, the Country Music Captial Tamworth, living her signature life with own unique way of communicating the difficulties of life. She is definitely one of a kind. Unique. Rough-talking, hard-drinking, country music girl with of heart of gold.

Using a combination of observational, on-the-run interviews & live performance, the film follows Wanita over a tumultuous five years as she tries to redirect her reckless life to fulfill her potential & have one last stab at her dream - before it’s too late.

Following the Film, there is Q & A with Director Matthew Walker and Wanita herself, followed by a ONE SET CONCERT FROM WANITA!
6:30pm Tuesday 8th February – tickets $25.


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